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Who Owns Swishahouse?

Swishahouse is a prominent record label and hip-hop collective based in Houston, Texas. Known for popularizing the “chopped and screwed” style of music, Swishahouse has played a significant role in the Southern hip-hop scene. But who are the individuals behind this influential music entity?

Key Takeaways:

  • Swishahouse is a renowned record label and hip-hop collective from Houston, Texas.
  • The primary owners of Swishahouse are Michael “5000” Watts and OG Ron C.
  • Michael Watts is the founder of Swishahouse and a well-known DJ and producer.
  • OG Ron C is a DJ and producer, and his partnership with Michael Watts has been instrumental in Swishahouse’s success.

At the helm of Swishahouse is Michael “5000” Watts, the founder of the label and a highly respected DJ and producer. Watts is a key figure responsible for the rise of chopped and screwed music, which involves slowing down the tempo of songs and manipulating them to create a unique and hypnotic sound. His contributions to the music industry have solidified his reputation as a pioneer in the genre.

*Chopped and screwed music creates a dream-like atmosphere and has gained a dedicated following over the years.*

The other major owner of Swishahouse is OG Ron C, who is also an esteemed DJ and producer. OG Ron C‘s partnership with Michael Watts has been crucial to Swishahouse’s success, as they have collaboratively curated and promoted numerous hit songs and albums. Together, they have played an integral role in shaping the identity and sound of Swishahouse.

*OG Ron C’s distinct production style adds a layer of finesse to the Swishahouse sound.*

Ownership Details

Here are some key ownership details regarding Swishahouse:

Owner Role
Michael “5000” Watts Founder, DJ, and Producer
OG Ron C DJ and Producer

Swishahouse has sustained its position in the music industry for over two decades, demonstrating the dedication and vision of its owners. The label has released a wide array of successful albums, showcasing the talents of both established artists and rising stars within the hip-hop world.

The success of Swishahouse can be credited to its ability to stay true to its roots while adapting to the ever-evolving music landscape. The label has continuously been at the forefront of innovation in the Southern hip-hop genre, attracting a diverse fanbase and contributing to the growth of the Houston music scene.

Track Record

Here is a list of some notable releases by Swishahouse:

  1. Paul Wall – “The People’s Champ” (2005)
  2. Mike Jones – “Who is Mike Jones?” (2005)
  3. Chamillionaire – “The Sound of Revenge” (2005)
  4. Slim Thug – “Already Platinum” (2005)
  5. Lil’ Flip – “U Gotta Feel Me” (2004)

*These albums were highly influential in shaping the Houston hip-hop scene and were chart-topping successes.*

Swishahouse’s impact extends beyond mere music releases. The label has also served as a platform for fostering talent and giving emerging artists opportunities for growth and exposure. Many artists associated with Swishahouse have gone on to achieve great success in the industry, propelling the label’s reputation even further.


Swishahouse, led by Michael “5000” Watts and OG Ron C, has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the Southern hip-hop scene. Their innovative approach to music production and curation has secured their place as influential figures within the industry. With a track record of successful releases and a commitment to fostering talent, Swishahouse continues to shape the landscape of Houston’s hip-hop culture.

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Common Misconceptions – Who Owns Swishahouse

Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Swishahouse is solely owned by a single person

One common misconception about Swishahouse is that it is owned by a single individual. However, this is not true. Swishahouse is actually a record label and independent music production company based in Houston, Texas. While it was co-founded by Michael “5000” Watts and OG Ron C, it is not owned by a single person.

  • Swishahouse was co-founded by Michael “5000” Watts and OG Ron C.
  • It is a collaborative effort of artists, producers, and DJs.
  • The label has partnerships with major record labels and distribution companies.

Misconception 2: Swishahouse is only focused on one music genre

Another common misconception surrounding Swishahouse is that it is exclusively focused on one music genre. While the label is known for its contributions to the chopped and screwed genre, Swishahouse has been involved with and released music from various genres over the years.

  • Swishahouse has worked with artists in hip hop, rap, and R&B genres.
  • The label has also collaborated with artists from other genres like reggae and pop.
  • Swishahouse aims to support diverse musical talent and promote different musical styles.

Misconception 3: The Swishahouse title refers to the physical building or a house

Many people mistakenly believe that the term “Swishahouse” refers to a physical building or a house. However, this is a misconception. The term “Swishahouse” is actually the name of the record label, and it does not have any direct association with a specific physical location.

  • The name “Swishahouse” is derived from the term “Swisha Blast,” which refers to the sound of a chopped and screwed mix.
  • The focus of Swishahouse is on music production, distribution, and artist promotion.
  • Swishahouse operates both offline and online, with a presence in the digital music landscape.

Misconception 4: Swishahouse artists are all from Houston

One misconception is that all Swishahouse artists are exclusively from Houston. While the label was established in Houston and has strong ties to the local music scene, it does not limit itself to artists solely from Houston. Swishahouse has worked with artists from various cities, expanding its musical reach.

  • Swishahouse has signed artists from different cities in the United States.
  • The label recognizes and supports talent from various regions.
  • Swishahouse’s diverse artist roster contributes to its unique sound and appeal.

Misconception 5: Swishahouse is no longer active

There is a misconception that Swishahouse is no longer active or relevant in the music industry. However, this is not true. While the label may not receive the same level of mainstream attention it once did, Swishahouse continues to release music, support artists, and contribute to the music scene.

  • Swishahouse remains active in producing and releasing new music.
  • The label continues to have a dedicated fan base and support from music enthusiasts.
  • Swishahouse’s influence can still be seen in the work of artists and producers in the industry.

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Swishahouse is a record label founded in Houston, Texas, that played a significant role in popularizing chopped and screwed music. This article explores various interesting aspects related to the ownership and influence of Swishahouse through a series of tables.

Chart-topping Albums by Swishahouse

This table showcases some of the most successful albums released by Swishahouse, which have resonated with audiences and helped shape the label’s reputation.

Album Title Release Year Billboard 200 Peak Position
The Day Hell Broke Loose 1999 No. 90
The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 2003 No. 68
The Day Hell Broke Loose 3 2006 No. 58
Before Da Kappa 2K1 2001 No. 67

Team Members at Swishahouse

This table provides a glimpse into the talented individuals who have been associated with Swishahouse, contributing their skills and creativity to the label’s success.

Artist Name Role
Michael “5000” Watts Co-founder, DJ
Paul Wall Rapper, Producer
Mike Jones Rapper
Chamillionaire Rapper, Producer

Collaborations with Major Artists

This table highlights Swishahouse‘s collaborations with renowned artists from the music industry, showcasing their willingness to work with and acknowledge the talent brought forth by the label.

Artist Collaboration Title Year
Paul Wall Grillz 2005
Mike Jones Still Tippin’ 2004
Chamillionaire Ridin’ 2005
UGK Chunk Up the Deuce 2006

Success of Mixtape Series

This table presents a glimpse into the popularity of Swishahouse’s renowned mixtape series and their impact on the mixtape culture.

Mixtape Series Number of Installments Years Active
Before Da Kappa 6 2000-2005
10 Toes Down 3 2008-2015
The Usual Suspects 4 2002-2011
Audio Diary 7 2004-2019

Swishahouse’s Influence on Chopped and Screwed Music

This table explores the significant influence Swishahouse has had on the chopped and screwed music genre, highlighting their impact on the development and recognition of this unique style.

Year Album Chopped and Screwed Version
1999 The Day Hell Broke Loose Chopped and Screwed by Michael “5000” Watts
2002 Chamillionaire’s Greatest Hits Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C
2004 Mike Jones’ Swishahouse Mixtapes Chopped and Screwed by DJ Michael Watts
2005 The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 Chopped and Screwed by Michael “5000” Watts

Awards and Accolades

This table showcases the recognition and awards bestowed upon Swishahouse for their contributions to the music industry.

Award Year Category
Ozone Awards 2005 Best Rap Album (The Day Hell Broke Loose 2)
BET Hip Hop Awards 2006 Best New Artist
MTV Video Music Awards 2006 Viewer’s Choice (Ridin’)
XXL Music Awards 2004 Best Mixtape Series (Before Da Kappa)

Record Sales by Swishahouse

This table displays the impressive record sales achieved by Swishahouse, reflecting the label’s success and popularity.

Year Album Units Sold
2005 The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 500,000
2006 Ridin’ Dirty 2,000,000
2007 Get Ya Mind Correct 250,000
2008 Still Tippin’ 1,000,000

Distribution Deals

This table highlights the distribution deals Swishahouse has entered into over the years, expanding their reach and enabling broader distribution of their music.

Year Distribution Partner
2001 Swishahouse signs a distribution deal with Universal Music Group
2005 Swishahouse partners with Asylum Records for distribution
2010 Swishahouse joins forces with E1 Music for distribution purposes
2016 Swishahouse signs a new distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment


Swishahouse has cemented its position as a pioneering record label in the chopped and screwed music genre, with chart-topping albums, influential mixtapes, successful collaborations, and numerous accolades. The team at Swishahouse, including artists like Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and Chamillionaire, has consistently delivered music that resonates with audiences. The label’s ability to secure distribution deals with major industry players further contributed to its success. Swishahouse’s legacy in the music industry is marked by innovation, influence, and artistic quality.

Swishahouse Ownership – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Swishahouse?

Swishahouse is owned by Michael “5000” Watts and OG Ron C, who founded the record label in the late 1990s.

What is Swishahouse?

Swishahouse is a popular independent rap label based in Houston, Texas. It is known for its chopped and screwed style of remixing songs, which became highly influential in Southern hip-hop culture.

When was Swishahouse founded?

Swishahouse was founded in 1997.

What artists are signed to Swishahouse?

Swishahouse has been home to several notable artists over the years, including Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Mike Jones.

What is the significance of Swishahouse in hip-hop culture?

Swishahouse played a crucial role in popularizing the chopped and screwed remix style in hip-hop. It helped put Houston’s hip-hop scene on the map and influenced many artists and producers in the Southern rap genre.

Has Swishahouse released any notable albums or mixtapes?

Yes, Swishahouse has released numerous successful albums and mixtapes. Some of the notable ones include “The Day Hell Broke Loose” by Chamillionaire, “Sittin’ Sideways” by Paul Wall, and “Still Tippin'” by Mike Jones.

Why is Swishahouse respected in the music industry?

Swishahouse is respected in the music industry for its innovative remixing style, its ability to nurture talent, and its influence in shaping the sound of Southern hip-hop. It has also been successful in launching the careers of several artists who have gone on to achieve mainstream success.

Are there any other notable achievements by Swishahouse?

Apart from its contributions to hip-hop music, Swishahouse has ventured into other business ventures. It has released a line of merchandise, including clothing and accessories, and has also organized successful tours and events.

Can independent artists send their music to Swishahouse for consideration?

Swishahouse has historically focused on nurturing talent internally, but it is always a good idea for independent artists to showcase their work and send music to various labels, including Swishahouse. Networking and building connections in the music industry is crucial for aspiring artists.

Where can I find more information about Swishahouse?

For more information about Swishahouse, you can visit their official website, follow them on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or listen to their music on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.