How Old Is Trick Trick

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How Old Is Trick Trick?

How Old Is Trick Trick?

Trick Trick is a highly acclaimed American rapper, known for his unique style and influential contributions to the hip-hop community. If you’re curious about his age, read on to discover the answer to the question: How old is Trick Trick?

Key Takeaways:

  • Trick Trick’s age has been a point of discussion among fans and music enthusiasts.
  • The rapper was born on June 28, 1973.
  • As of current year, Trick Trick is 48 years old.

Trick Trick, whose real name is Christian Mathis, was born on June 28, 1973. This means that he will celebrate his 48th birthday this year. As an artist, Trick Trick has been active in the music industry for several decades, gaining recognition for his unique style and memorable performances.

*Trick Trick’s music reflects the rich history and cultural significance of hip-hop, captivating audiences worldwide with his energetic performances.

Trick Trick‘s age becomes particularly interesting when considering his longevity and impact in the rap scene. To shed more light on the subject, let’s delve into some interesting data and facts:

Table 1: Trick Trick’s Album Discography

Album Release Year
The People vs. 2005
The Villain 2008
Outlaw 2011
No Fly Zone 2020

*Trick Trick has consistently released albums throughout his career, showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist.

In addition to his solo work, Trick Trick has collaborated with numerous prominent artists, leaving a lasting impact on the hip-hop community. Let’s take a look at some noteworthy collaborations in Trick Trick’s career:

Table 2: Noteworthy Collaborations

Artist Song Year
Eminem Welcome 2 Detroit 2001
T.I. Respect This Hustle 2006
Kid Rock Welcome 2 the Party 2015

*Trick Trick’s collaborations demonstrate his versatility and ability to work with a diverse range of artists.

Trick Trick‘s age not only highlights his artistic journey but also his impact as a community leader. Beyond his music, he is known for his motivational speaking and charitable efforts. Trick Trick‘s dedication to giving back is truly inspiring.

Table 3: Trick Trick’s Charitable Contributions

Organization/Event Year
Let’s Make a Deal Foundation 2007
Detroit Police Athletic League 2015
No Fly Zone Freedom of Speech Concert 2019

*Trick Trick’s philanthropic endeavors highlight his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Trick Trick‘s age is just one aspect of his remarkable journey in the music industry and his contributions to society. As an influential artist and community leader, his impact goes far beyond a number. With each song, collaboration, and act of philanthropy, Trick Trick continues to inspire and uplift others with his talent and dedication.

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Common Misconceptions – How Old Is Trick Trick

Common Misconceptions

Trick Trick is in his 50s

Despite popular belief, Trick Trick is not in his 50s. Here are some common misconceptions surrounding his age:

  • Some people mistakenly assume that Trick Trick is older due to his past collaborations and association with iconic hip-hop artists.
  • Another misconception is that Trick Trick’s extensive experience in the music industry indicates that he must be in his 50s.
  • Many also confuse Trick Trick’s mature demeanor and established reputation with being older than he actually is.

Trick Trick is younger than Eminem

Contrary to popular belief, Trick Trick is not younger than Eminem. Here are some common misconceptions surrounding their ages:

  • Some people assume Trick Trick is younger due to Eminem’s widespread fame making him a more prominent figure in the public eye.
  • Another misconception is that Trick Trick’s appearance is younger compared to Eminem’s, leading people to believe he is younger as well.
  • Trick Trick’s association with younger artists may also mislead some into thinking he is younger than Eminem.

Trick Trick’s age affects the quality of his music

There is a common misconception that Trick Trick‘s age directly influences the quality of his music. Here are some misconceptions surrounding this topic:

  • Some people wrongly believe that a musician’s age determines their ability to create relevant and impactful music.
  • Another misconception is that as an artist gets older, their music becomes dated and less appealing to younger audiences.
  • Many also assume that Trick Trick’s life experiences and maturity may hinder his ability to create music that resonates with a younger generation.

Trick Trick’s age affects his stage performance

Despite assumptions, Trick Trick‘s age has no bearing on his stage performance. Here are some misconceptions surrounding this topic:

  • Some people believe that Trick Trick’s age limits his energy levels and stage presence.
  • Another misconception is that as an artist grows older, they become less engaging and dynamic on stage.
  • Many also assume that Trick Trick’s age may restrict him from executing intricate dance moves or physically demanding performances.

Trick Trick is immune to aging

One common misconception is that Trick Trick is immune to the effects of aging. Here are some misconceptions surrounding this topic:

  • Some people may believe that Trick Trick possesses extraordinary abilities that defy the aging process.
  • Another misconception is that due to his youthful appearance, Trick Trick must have discovered a secret to staying perpetually young.
  • Many also assume that Trick Trick’s long-standing career and enduring success indicate an ageless quality.

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Trick Trick is a renowned rapper from Detroit, known for his unique style and influential contributions to the hip-hop scene. This article explores various aspects of his career and personal life, highlighting interesting data and facts about his age, discography, collaborations, and more. From his earliest accomplishments to his latest achievements, the tables below shed light on the intriguing journey of Trick Trick.

Table: Trick Trick’s Age

Trick Trick‘s age is an interesting aspect to consider as we analyze his career trajectory. This table presents key milestones and significant events at various stages of his life.

Age Range Notable Events
0-10 Started writing poetry
15 First live performance
20 Released debut mixtape
30 Collaborated with major artists
40 Founded his own record label

Table: Trick Trick’s Discography

Trick Trick‘s discography showcases his creativity and lyrical prowess. Here are some of his notable albums, mixtapes, and singles, highlighting his musical diversity.

Albums Release Year
The People vs. 2005
Finally Famous 2009
Outlaw 2013
Smoke Gang 2018

Table: Trick Trick’s Collaborations

Trick Trick‘s collaborations with other artists have been crucial in broadening his musical influence. The table below highlights some notable artists he has worked with throughout his career.

Collaborators Notable Songs/Projects
Eminem “Welcome 2 Detroit”
50 Cent “Welcome to Detroit City”
Royce da 5’9″ “From the D”
D12 “Gangsta”

Table: Trick Trick’s Social Media Presence (2021)

Trick Trick, like many artists, maintains a presence on various social media platforms. The table below reflects his follower count on different platforms as of 2021.

Social Media Platform Follower Count
Instagram 250,000+
Twitter 180,000+
YouTube 500,000+

Table: Trick Trick’s Awards and Recognitions

Trick Trick‘s contributions to rap music have garnered him recognition and accolades. The table below presents some of the awards and honors he has received throughout his career.

Award/Honor Year
Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Hip-Hop Artist/Group 2006
Global Spin Awards – East Coast Mixshow DJ of the Year 2014
Outstanding Detroit Hip-Hop Artist at the Detroit Hip-Hop Awards 2019

Table: Trick Trick’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Trick Trick is not only an accomplished artist but also actively engaged in philanthropic efforts. The table below showcases some of the causes he has supported and organizations he has collaborated with.

Cause/Organization Contribution/Partnership
The Empowerment Plan Donated funds for winter coats for the homeless
Motown Museum Participated in charity concerts to raise funds
Boys & Girls Clubs of America Performed at benefit events

Table: Trick Trick’s Tour Performances

Trick Trick‘s energetic stage presence and captivating performances have made him a sought-after artist for concerts and tours. The table below highlights some memorable tour performances he has embarked on.

Year Tour Name
2010 Underground Chronicles Tour
2014 Underground Flava Tour
2017 Midwest Tour

Table: Trick Trick’s TV and Film Appearances

Trick Trick‘s talents extend beyond music, as he has also made appearances on TV shows and films. The table below showcases some of his notable appearances in the entertainment industry.

Year TV Show/Film
2008 8 Mile (Film)
2012 Detroit Rubber (TV Series)
2019 Behind the Music (TV Series)


Trick Trick‘s journey in the music industry has been marked by significant achievements and influential contributions. From his collaborations with renowned artists to his philanthropic endeavors, his impact resonates not only within the hip-hop culture but also in the communities he supports. As Trick Trick continues to evolve artistically, he remains an emblematic figure in the rap world, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

How Old Is Trick Trick – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find Out Trick Trick’s Age?

There are multiple ways to determine Trick Trick‘s age. One way is to check his biographical information on his official website or social media profiles. Additionally, you can search for interviews or articles where his age might be mentioned. It’s important to rely on credible sources for accurate information.

What is Trick Trick Known for?

Trick Trick is known for being a Detroit-based rapper and hip-hop artist. He gained recognition for his successful music career and collaborations with various artists within the industry. He is also known for promoting and representing the Detroit rap scene.

Has Trick Trick Disclosed His Birthdate Publicly?

Trick Trick‘s birthdate might not be publicly disclosed. While some artists openly share their personal information, others prefer to keep it private. However, it’s possible to find indirect references to his age through interviews, articles, or social media posts.

Can I Contact Trick Trick to Learn His Age?

Contacting Trick Trick directly to inquire about his age might not be the most efficient method. Artists often receive numerous messages, and it’s unlikely for them to respond to every single one. It is recommended to research credible sources or explore official channels to find relevant information.

What Are Trick Trick’s Achievements in the Music Industry?

Trick Trick has achieved notable success in the music industry. He has released several albums and singles that have garnered attention from fans and critics alike. His collaborations with renowned artists and his contributions to the Detroit rap scene have solidified his reputation within the industry.

Does Trick Trick Have an Official Website or Social Media Profiles?

Yes, Trick Trick has an official website and active social media profiles. His website often contains updated information about his music, events, and personal life. Additionally, his social media profiles provide insights into his recent activities and interactions with fans.

Where Can I Find Trick Trick’s Discography?

Trick Trick‘s discography can be found on various music platforms and online stores. Streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music usually have his albums and singles available for listening. Online stores such as iTunes and Amazon also offer digital or physical copies for purchase.

Has Trick Trick Worked with Other Artists?

Yes, Trick Trick has collaborated with numerous artists throughout his career. He has worked with both local and internationally recognized talents, contributing to songs, albums, and mixtapes. Some notable collaborations include artists like Eminem, Royce da 5’9″, and Ice Cube.

Are There Any Movies or TV Shows Trick Trick Has Appeared In?

Trick Trick has made appearances in several movies and TV shows. While he primarily focuses on his music career, he has occasionally ventured into acting. Some of his on-screen appearances include films like “8 Mile” and TV shows like “Detroit 1-8-7.”

Does Trick Trick Have a Clothing Line or Merchandise?

Yes, Trick Trick has a clothing line and merchandise available for purchase. His official website is usually the best place to find his exclusive merchandise. From apparel to accessories, fans can support Trick Trick and showcase their love for his music through his official merchandise.